19 Jun 2023

Sponsored Article: ASKION's Fluorescence Microscopy Platform

Complement Your Assay Portfolio with FluoS and FluoM: ASKION's Customizable Fluorescence Microscopy Platform for Your Application!

Since 2005, ASKION has established itself as a trusted partner in development and manufacturing of devices and modules in medical technology, bioanalytics, and optical sensor technology. 
In addition to our comprehensive OEM services, we proudly offer our own automated fluorescence microscopic platform as a "white label" product. This unique proposition allows companies to enhance their portfolio of diagnostic assays by adding a customized, branded device. Whether you're focused on developing innovative diagnostic tools, exploring disease mechanisms, or designing image analysis software solutions, our built-to-order fluorescence microscope can be tailored to your precise application.
Our fluorescence microscopes are designed to accommodate a wide range of sample formats, from standard glass slides and microwell plate (FluoM) to seamless integration of your own custom cartridges.  You have opportunity to select objectives with various magnifications, and up to four fluorescence channels with LED excitation. This versatility makes our microscopes an ideal fit for a variety of applications across different industries.

The FluoS® is an entry-level stand-alone microscope featuring one fixed objective and holder for two glass slide. In contrast, the FluoM® microscope delivers unparalleled performance and seamless integration into lab automation systems, being able to automatically analyze up to 5 glass slides or one microwell plate. 

ASKION's Fluo S/M-Platform is complete and ready to use, equipped with basic software for standard microscopy applications. Alternatively, you can opt to integrate your own specific software, perfectly aligned with your workflow and automation requirements. This allows your company to focus on test and application development while ASKION provides the optimal configuration for your fluorescence microscope.

Finally, take a full ownership of your customized microscope by incorporation of your specific housing, logo, colors, and other branding elements to leverage your brand reputation. 
Beyond the manufacturing, we support you in the regulatory process for in vitro diagnostic registration of your microscope in combination with your assays. 

The Fluo S/M-Platform is especially well-suited for diagnostic purposes, including autoimmune and infectious diseases via immunofluorescence, cancer diagnosis via enumeration of circulating tumor cells, and genetic disorder diagnostics in combination with FISH-based assays, among others. 

To learn more about our products, we invite you to attend our product presentation at the upcoming commercial workshop on July 4th. 
We are looking forward to hearing from you at the booth 422!

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the possibilities that ASKION's fluorescence microscopy platforms can unlock for your business.