BioImagingUK Meeting

The BioImagingUK Meeting will take place from 1200 - 1500 BST on Monday 3 July 2023 at mmc2023

This pre-congress meeting provides an opportunity for the UK Bioimaging community to discuss priorities and strategies in national infrastructure, technology development, training, careers and ways to share knowledge across different disciplines. The session will consist of short talks from members of the BioImagingUK community and industrial/institute collaboration partners to update on progress, new opportunities and initiatives. There will be interactive Q+A sessions to encourage discussion and enable emerging priorities and ideas to be highlighted. The meeting is open to everyone with an interest in bioimaging.


From 1130: Arrival & registration, pick up lunch bag

1200 - 1255: 1. UK Funders (Chair: Kurt Anderson, Francis Crick Institute)
1200: BioImagingUK update, Georgina Fletcher, BioImagingUK
1210: UKRI-MRC, Adam Staines, Infrastructure and Cross Council Partnership
1220: UKRI-BBSRC, Phillip Hubbard, Transformative Technologies
1230: Wellcome Trust, Luigi Martino, Senior Research Manager
1240: Discussion

1255 - 1345: 2. UK Bioimaging Initiatives (Chair: Pippa Hawes, Pirbright Institute)
1255: Turing Patterns: a bio-imaging group at the Alan Turing Institute, Marjan Famili, Research Associate
1305: Technical Specialist Network, Peter O’Toole, University of York
1315: Midlands Open Bioimaging, Tim Self, University of Nottingham
1325: CLEM and super-res workflows, Maria Harkiolaki, Beamline 24, Diamond Light Source
1335: Discussion

1345 – 1400: Coffee     
1400 - 1500: 3. UK Node & future UK bioimaging research infrastructures (Chair: Maddy Parsons, King’s College London)
1400: Euro-BioImaging, Johanna Bischof, Scientific Project Manager
1410: UK Data Research Infrastructures, Carole Goble, Elixir-UK
1420: UK Bioimaging Infrastructure presentation, Georgina Fletcher, BioImagingUK
1440: Discussion
1455: Close (Early Career Symposium starts at 1515)    

BioImagingUK / Early Career Networking Event - Monday 3 July, 1815 onwards. Manchester Central

Join us in celebrating the opening of mmc2023 for an informal BioImagingUK / Early Career Networking Reception in the foyer of Manchester Central.

Scientific Organiser

Georgina Fletcher

Georgina Fletcher


Georgina is the Project Officer for the community network BioImagingUK, an open organisation of UK scientists that develop, use, or administer imaging solutions for life science research.

Contact Georgina for BioImagingUK enquiries.