Travel Bursaries

Conference and Exhibition Bursaries

The Royal Microscopical Society were able to offer travel bursaries to those planning to attend mmc2019 Conference and Exhibition. This was a limited bursary fund and awards were be made on a first come first served basis. mmc2019 bursaries were open to both RMS members and non-members.

All of the Conference and Exhibition Bursaries have now been awarded, we are still accepting applications for Exhibition Day Visitor Bursaries.

Exhibition Day Visitor Bursaries

Although it is free to attend the mmc2019 exhibition, the Royal Microscopical Society understand that funding your travel to events can be difficult. 

For this reason, the RMS are offering a number of day visitor travel bursaries of up to £50 to help those planning to attend the mmc2019 exhibition.

Bursary amounts will be staggered based on distance travelled from normal place of work to the event in Manchester and are available to both members and non-members of the RMS.

Payments will be made after the event once all receipts have been produced. 

Download the mmc2019 exhibition bursary application form


Bruker Travel Bursaries

Five £100 travel bursaries have been made available to attend the mmc2019 Conference and Exhibition via Bruker's sponsorship of the SPM Advancing Materials Science via Scanning Probes session.  Awards will be made on a first come first served basis and they are restricted to PhD students contributing to the SPM Advancing Materials Science via Scanning Probes session by means of a talk or poster presentation.

All five Bruker travel bursaries have now been awarded.


The RMS are also offering a limited number of travel bursaries to their members. More information on these can be found on the Royal Microscopical Society website. However, as per our Travel Bursary Terms & Conditions only in exceptional circumstances will the Society fund more than one bursary per person in any financial year - this includes all mmc2019 Travel Bursaries

For any questions regarding mmc2019 Travel Bursaries, please email Debbie Hunt.


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