Ultrahigh X-ray imaging operando study of sonoprocessing of advanced structural and functional materials

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Correlative and Multimodal X-ray Microscopy
Professor Jiawei Mi (1), Mi Kang Xiang (1), Mr Shi Huang (1)
1. University of Hull

Synchrotron X-ray, X-ray free electron laser, ultrahigh imaging, ultrasound processing, structural materials, functional materials

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Applying ultrasonic waves in the syntheses or manufacturing of materials is generally termed as sonoprocessing. It involves many nonlinear dynamic phenomena and processes, for example alternating pressure induced cavitation bubbles dynamics, acoustic streaming flow [1], liquid-bubble-solid interactions [2], etc. Many fundamental issues or governing laws in these processes are either not fully understood or not fully quantified. It is due to mainly the difficulty in directly observing the dynamic phenomena in-situ and in real time operando conditions [3,4]. 

Here, we report our very recent outcomes from operando study of the dynamics of nano/microparticles dispersion and exfoliation of 2D materials under ultrasound. We used the ultrafast synchrotron X-ray and MHz imaging capability available at the EU X-ray free electron laser facility. The unique world leading capability allow us to observe directly the interactions of liquid, bubble and solid particles, providing essential data for understanding the ns scale microfluidic dynamics in sonoprocessing of materials [1-4].


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