Imaging of Living Samples - Driving New Discoveries With Lattice Technologies 

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Optical Imaging of Fast Dynamic Processes
Dr. Jonathan Shewring (1)
1. Carl Zeiss Ltd

lattice, super resolution, light sheet, live cell imaging, light microscopy

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Live cell imaging offers some of the most important insights available for biologists. However, capturing the necessary resolution at the 4D acquisition speed needed to answer the questions at hand, without affecting the cells physiology, makes live cell imaging particularly challenging. Driven by innovation from Nobel laureate Eric Betzig, Lattice illuminations-based technologies have arisen to address these difficulties. Offering improvements in resolution, but also crucially improving gentleness of imaging and speed of acquisition, dramatically expanding the boundaries of what is possible in live cell imaging. In this talk, we will discuss how ZEISS has harnessed lattice technologies and how they are changing the way we image.