12 Jun 2023

Sponsored Article: Join us on a journey to high-resolution microscopy

Discover the Latest Advancements in High-Resolution Microscopy Technology for Life and Materials Science Research with Leica Microsystems at MMC.

Leica Microsystems' products are designed to aid your experimental workflow and obtain high-quality data – read on to explore our solutions for microscopy, AI confocal imaging, EM sample preparation, and materials science showcased at MMC on our booth and in our workshops.

The STELLARIS confocal platform allows for advanced omics imaging approaches, revealing key aspects of tissue organisation, cancer progression, tumour-immune interactions, and infectious diseases. The platform offers different approaches to multiplexing and enables the acquisition of 11 fluorophores in one imaging round. Additionally, AI tools for image analysis have been developed to enable researchers to access critical data in the easiest way possible.

Leica also introduced the world's first wholly integrated imaging Microhub, Mica , which simplifies experimental set-u p and increases reproducibility with automatic selection and optimization of imaging settings. Mica offers a sample-protecting incubator and radically simplified workflows that enable any researcher to move from set up to beautifully visualised results efficiently, accurately, confidently. With the single push of a button , researchers can visualise 4 colours simultaneously in widefield and then switch to confocal without moving the sample. For routine workflows, automation and AI-supported analysis saves time and provides greater efficiency. 

Another crucial aspect of microscopy is sample preparation, particularly for Electron Microscopy, where careful preparation can significantly impact the accuracy of investigation and analysis. Leica presents the latest workflow solutions for a range of sample preparation methods such as array tomography, cryo and live cell imaging, as well as battery preparation. 

For materials science research, the DM6 M LIBS combines visual and qualitative chemical inspection in a single work step, allowing you to determine the microstructure composition within seconds. This technology saves up to 90% of your time compared to inspection with conventional SEM/EDS and is ideal for failure analysis. 

If you're interested in learning more about these ground-breaking technologies, Leica Microsystems is offering four workshops on failure analysis, EM sample preparation, Mica, and confocal/autonomous microscopy at the Microscience Microscopy Congress, alongside our booth at the centre of the arena.

Find out more and register for the workshops. Join Leica on a journey to high-resolution microscopy!