Virtual Super-Resolution Workshop - Friday 9 July

12:30 - 17:00 hours BST

Scientific Organisers: Professor Michelle Peckham and Dr Hari Shroff

Designed to talk about the current challenges in developing and using super-resolution microscopy with short talks and lots of time for discussion, this year the workshop will be split into 2 sessions, focussing on the topics of ‘using machine learning and AI in super-resolution imaging’ and the other will be ‘expansion microscopy’.  Thoughts and ideas are encouraged to help define what is good/best practice around these challenges, and give an insight into future potential developments.

Invited Speakers will include:

Machine learning

  • Dylan Owen (University of Birmingham)
  • Susan Cox (King’s College London)
  • Aubrey Weigel (Janelia Research Campus)
  • Florian Jug (MPI Dresden)
  • Dong Li (Chinese Academy of Science)

Expansion Microscopy

  • Silvio Rizzoli (University of Gottingen)
  • Joshua Vaughan (University of Washington, Seattle)
  • Izzy Jayasinghe (University of Sheffield) 
  • Helge Ewers (Free University Berlin)

The cost to attend this workshop is £20, you can add it to your schedule when registering to attend.

Sponsorship opportunities are available, if you are interested in sponsoring this meeting please contact Dawn Hopkins ([email protected])

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