EMAG 2021

Organised by the Institute of Physics's Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group (EMAG), the 2021 EMAG Conference will be part of mmc2021.

2021 EMAG Keywords

Instrumentation and Quantitative Microscopy

 - Detector Technologies and New Instrumentation

 - Phase Sensitive Techniques

 - 4D-STEM

 - Spectroscopy and spectral imaging

 - Automated Control, Advanced Data Processing and Modelling Techniques

 - 3-D and Correlative Microscopy

 - In situ Microscopy Techniques

 - Dynamic EM

 - Low Dose/Low Voltage Imaging and Analytical Microscopy

 - Advances in SEM and FIB (CL, EBSD, Beam Deceleration, Monochromators, Ion Sources, STEM etc)

 - Electron Crystallography and Diffraction


 - Biological Materials, Biomaterials, Soft Matter, Polymers and composites

 - Earth and Planetary Science Materials

 - Catalytic Materials

 - Nanomaterials and 2D Materials

 - Energy and Energy Storage Materials

 - Functional Semiconductor and Oxide Materials

 - Structural Materials and Metallurgy

 - Surface Imaging and Modification

 - Microscopy of Interfaces and Heterostructures

 - High Resolution Chemical and Structural Analysis

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