3D Imaging of Vascular Diversity in Injury and Ageing

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Public Health: The Impact of Microscopy
Dr Anjali Kusumbe (1)
1. University of Oxford

Light sheet imaging, 3D Imaging, Bone, Ageing, Injury

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Blood and lymphatic vessels form a versatile transport network and provide inductive signals to regulate tissue-specific functions. Blood vessels in bone regulate osteogenesis and hematopoiesis, but current dogma suggests that bone lacks lymphatic vessels. Here, by combining high-resolution light-sheet imaging and cell-specific mouse genetics, we demonstrate presence of lymphatic vessels in mouse and human bones. We find that lymphatic vessels in bone expand during genotoxic stress. Expansion of lymphatic vessels drive regeneration of bone and blood. In aged animals, such expansion of lymphatic vessels in response to genotoxic stress is impaired which impacts the regeneration potential in aged mice.