Global mapping of human hair follicle cell dynamics using live imaging

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Advances in Label-free Imaging
Nicolas Tissot (1), Gaianne Genty (1), Roberto Santoprete (1), Frederic Baltenneck (1), Sebastien Thibaut (1), Jean-Francois Michelet (1), Ines Sequeira (2), Thomas Bornschlögl (1)
1. L'Oréal
2. Queen Mary University of London
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The hair follicle is a widely used model system to study biological mechanisms underlying tissue growth and development. While data exists on cell movements in the hair follicles of rodents, much less is known about cell dynamics in their human counterparts. Here we use 4D live imaging together with single cell tracking and particle image velocimetry to map the dynamics of cell flow within the entire human follicle bulb. We find a downward movement of ORS cells, feeding the matrix. We also map the rate and orientation of cell divisions in the matrix, which agree with our measured streamlines of cell movements. We use a numerical model based on the Navier-Stokes equations to explain the main observations. Our model indicates an active force contribution of the downwards moving ORS cells ensuring hair growth. Our experimental approach paves the way to study the different driving forces behind follicle growth in the future in more detail.