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Telight is a specialist in the field of instruments employing light optics, in particular, providing innovative types and solutions for light microscopy. Telight stands on patented technologies, long-term cooperation with researcher partners, and close relationships with customers. Our target is continuous innovation and reliability on every step we take.

The company combines a tradition based on the extensive technological background of Brno and the innovations of the French company BioAxial.

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Tom Sperber

Project Manager LiveCodim, Tom Sperber

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Marek Feith

Applications Specialist Q-Phase, Telight


Telight Q-Phase - Introduction

As a patented type of holographic microscope with high detection sensitivity, Q-Phase represents an ideal solution for experts who desire precise automated segmentation of individual cells for subsequent data analysis.

Commercial Workshops

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Q-Phase, a label-free multimodal holographic microscope for quantitative phase imaging - Tuesday 6 July, 1500 - 1530

LiveCodim - super-resolution solution for every lab - Wednesday 7 July, 1100 - 1130


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