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Norcada is a nano-MEMS and photonics product company with specialization in development and manufacturing of microscopy sample holders and vacuum compatible parts for in-situ, biomedical, and cryo microanalysis. Norcada nano-MEMS products include thin film devices, MEMS heating, electrochemistry and liquid cells for electron and X-ray microscopy, as well as tomography holders and chips. Norcada is well known for offering standard or custom chips and holders for electron and X-ray microscopes.

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Hooman Hosseinkhannazer

Vice President Business Development, Norcada

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Eric Daigle

Sales Engineer, Norcada

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Norcada MEMS Technology

Our MEMS products are primarily developed for scientific research and development applications. Our end users include universities, national labs, and R&D departments of large multinational companies. Join us for a short presentation of our MEMS solutions for microscopy, spectroscopy and microanalysis. Our standard, made-to-order, and highly customized MEMS device platforms and holders are well positioned to serve your needs in the lab, and out in the field.

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Norcada In-Situ MEMS and Holders

In addition to a unique and versatile family of in-situ MEMS Heating, Electrochemistry and Biasing devices, Norcada offers holders for your OEM and lab-made equipment. Our heating chips are known for strong and reliable performance in TEMs, and you see NORCADA chips presented in other vendors' holders at this conference. Here is a compilation of our in-situ results in a variety of applications. Our family of custom-made and standard chips and holders for Electron, X-ray, and ion microscopy have been installed in 4 continents!

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