mmc2019 Organisers

The Microscience Microscopy Congress Series is organised by the Royal Microscopical Society, a UK-based Charity dedicated to furthering the science of microscopy through a wide range of activities.

Also under the umbrella of mmc2019 were a wide range of popular meetings, allowing the conference to cater specifically for each interest group whilst allowing visitors to enjoy the wide range of benefits and opportunities on offer at the Congress. We were proud to welcome at mmc2019:

  • EMAG 2019
  • SPM Meeting 2019
  • Frontiers in Bioimaging
  • Microscopy Society of Ireland
  • Scottish Microscopy Group

mmc2019 Scientific Organising Committee

Our Scientific Organising Committee are invaluable in drawing up the busy conference programme and we would like to thank them for all of their hard work.

Professor Rik Brydson
Professor Maddy Parsons

Professor Michelle Peckham
Dr Peter O'Toole
Professor Grace Burke
Dr Kerry Thompson
Dr Debbie Stokes
Dr Lynne Joyce
Professor Sonia Contera
Mr Alex Sossick
Dr Claire Wells
Dr Lucy Collinson
Mr Derek Davies
Professor Beverley Inkson
Dr Andy Brown
Professor Ana Sanchez
Professor Ursel Bangert
Dr Alison Dun

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