mmc2019 Programme Overview

Monday 1 July
1030 - 1300
1330 - 1630
EMAG - Deep Learning
BioImaging UK Meeting
Early Career Pre-Congress Symposium
Welcome to mmc2019 by Professor Rik Brydson and Professor Maddy Parsons
Plenary Speaker - Professor Dr Wolfgang Baumeister - Cryo-Electron Tomography: The Promise and the Challenges of Doing Structural Biology in situ
Plenary Speaker -  Professor Jody Rosenblatt - Epithelial cell extrusion and its misregulation in disease
Welcome Drinks
Tuesday 2 July
0845 - 0930
Plenary Speaker - Professor Helen Saibil - Malaria parasites breaking out of red blood cells
1000 - 1200
EMAG: Electron Microscopy of Functional Materials
Donald MacLaren
In Situ electron microscopy applied to inorganic materials
Chris Parmenter
Frontiers in BioImaging:
Label-free quantitative optical microscopy
Paola Borri
Using cryo-electron microscopy to investigate
macromolecular structure
Rebecca Thompson
SMG & MSI: Applications of super-resolution from the nano to the atomic scale
Charlotte Buckley
SPM: Advancing materials science via scanning probes
Oleg Kolosov
1200 - 1400
Exhibition and Lunch
1400 - 1600
EMAG: Advanced Scanning Electron Microscopy
Cornelia Rodenburg
In situ electron microscopy applied to soft matter and biological systems
Chris Parmenter
Frontiers in BioImaging: 
Biological applications of fluorescence microscopy beyond the diffraction limit
Dylan Owen
Correlative microscopy
Leandro Lemgruber
SMG & MSI: Trials and tribulations of electron and light beam induced radiation effects
Ursel Bangert
SPM of soft and biological matter
Jamie Hobbs
1600 - 1800
Exhibition, Posters and Drinks - Poster Session One
1600 - 1800
Quality Control Focussed Interest Group Meeting Alex Laude
RMS SPM Section AGM - Central 3, 4
RMS Life Sciences Section AGM - Workshop 1
RMS LM Section AGM - Workshop 1

RMS Flow Cytometry AGM - Workshop 1
RMS EM Section AGM - Workshop 2
RMS EPS Section AGM - Workshop 2
Exhibition Closes
SPM Dinner - Don Giovanni
Frontiers in BioImaging Dinner - Midland Hotel
EMAG Dinner - Bem Brasil
Wednesday 3 July
0845 - 0930
Plenary Speaker - Dr Sergei Kalinin - Assembling matter atom by atom: applications of machine learning to scanning transmission electron microscopy
1000 - 1200
EMAG: In-situ Microscopy Techniques
Jun Yuan & Randi Holmestad
EMAG: Electron Microscopy of Functional Oxides
Ana Sanchez & Richard Beanland
Frontiers in BioImaging: 
Developments in super-resolution microscopy
Seamus Holden
Imaging in the Big Data era: Large Data Sets Rich in Information
Tobias Starborg & Martin Jones
FIB microscopy and sample preparation
Xiang li Zhong
SPM: A tool for Pharmaceutical and Applied Biological/ Biomedical Research
Stephanie Allen
1200 - 1230
EMAG AGM - Charter 1
1200 - 1400
Exhibition, Lunch and RMS Scientific Imaging Competition
1400 - 1600
EMAG: Structural Materials and Metallurgy
Larry Stoter
EMAG: Electron Crystallography and Diffraction
Andy Brown & Elizabeth Dickey
Frontiers in BioImaging: 
Light sheet microscopy: Imaging complex biological samples in time and space
Steve Thomas
Believing is more than seeing: Learning and models in quantitative imaging
Jason Swedlow
Multimode ion beam microscopy: Hybrid-techniques and spectroscopy
Trevor Almeida
Nanomechanics for biology and biomedicine
Nuria Gavara
RMS AGM - Central 5,6,7
RMS Outreach and Education Committee AGM - Central 5,6,7
1600 - 1800
Exhibition, Posters and Drinks - Poster Session Two
Exhibition Closes
Pre-Dinner Talk - Marty Jopson - Invisible Worlds
Congress Banquet - The Principal Manchester Hotel
Thursday 4 July
0930 - 1130
EMAG: Low dimensional Materials (2D and 1D)
Sarah Haigh & Raynald Gauvin
EMAG: Phase Sensitive Techniques
Ana Sanchez & Caterina Ducati
Bio applications: Imaging in disease
Claire Wells
UK applied image analysis (NEUBIAS UK and IAFIG-RMS)
Dominic Waithe
Quantitative microscopy in earth, planetary and archaeological sciences
Duncan Muir
Microscopy of materials for health care
Roland Kroger
1130 - 1330
Exhibition and Lunch
1200 - 1315
Poster Session Three
1330 - 1530
EMAG: Electron Microscopy of Nanomaterials
Andy Brown & Ana Sanchez
EMAG: Spectroscopy
Thomas Slater & Ute Kaiser
Imaging the immune system
Theresa Ward
Tissue cytometry
Derek Davies
X-ray microscopy: Beyond attenuation contrast tomography
Michael Doube 
Exhibition Closes
EMAG Plenary Speaker - Professor Keith Riles - From Attometers to Gigaparsecs - Gravitational Waves Define a New Astronomy
Presentation of Poster Prizes - Professor Rik Brydson and Professor Maddy Parsons
Plenary Speaker - Professor Klaus Hahn - Watching and walking your cells – biosensors and optogenetics to trace live cell motility circuitry
Closing Drinks Reception - End of Congress

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