mmc2019 Prize Winners

Poster Prizes

Life Sciences

1st Prize
Michaela Conley, MRC - University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research, Calicivirus VP2 Forms a Portal-like Assembly Following Receptor Engagement

2nd Prize
Ida Emilie Steinmark, King’s College London, Imaging Mitochondrial Viscosity using Flourescent Molecular Rotors and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy

Engineering and Physical Sciences

1st Prize
Matt Lindley, University of Manchester, Studying Cobalt-based Catalysts Promoted with Manganese ising In-situ Gas Cell Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy

2nd Prize
Visweswara Gudla, University of Manchester, Multiscale Correlative Characterisation of Environmentally Induced Crack Initiation, Propagation and Failure in a High Strength Aluminium Alloy


1st Prize
Laura Wheatcroft, University of Sheffield, Studying Degradation Mechanisms of High Voltage Li-Ion Batteries using He-ion Microscopy and Ne Secondary Ion Mass Spectometry

EMAG Flash Talk

1st Prize
Martha Ilet, University of Leeds, Imaging and Characterisation of Nanoparticle Coatings and Dispersion 


1st Prize
William Foster, Durham University, Tracking the Molecular Organisation of Water and Alcohol Mixtures at Hydrophobic Solid Interfaces

2nd Prize
Oliver Gordon, University of Nottingham, Recognising Multiple Scanning Probe Tip States in Real Time with Concolutional Neural Network Ensembles

Talk Prizes


1st Prize Colum O’Leary, University of Oxford, Electron Ptychography using Fast Binary 4D STEM Data

2nd Prize Jack Brennan, University of Glasgow, The Impact of Corrosion and Chemical Modification of Silver Nanoparticle Assemblies on their Plasmonic Functionality Studied by Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy

Early Career Pre-Congress Symposium

1st Prize – Joint Winners 
Andrew Lee, University of Leeds, Augmenting high speed atomic force microscopy with DNA nanostructures to study biomolecular processes

Laura Clark, University of Glasgow, Differential Phase Contrast STEM using Pixelated Detectors: Going Beyond the Rigid Disk Shift Model

RMS Scientific Imaging Competition - Winners and Runners-up by Category

1st Place, Electron Microscopy - Life Sciences
Alberto Foglia
Red Blood Cells in Neuroacanthocytosis

2nd Place, Electron Microscopy - Life Sciences
Elisabeth Schraner, University of Zurich

1st Place, Electron Microscopy - Physical Sciences
Alessandro Piglione, Imperial College London     
The Building Blocks of Jet Engines

2nd Place, Electron Microscopy - Physical Sciences           
Thomas Gänsler, Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany
A Blooming New World

1st Place, Light Microscopy - Life Sciences 
Martyna Lukoseviciute, University of Oxford, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
Understanding the Octopus Embryo

2nd Place, Light Microscopy - Life Sciences
Daryan Chitsaz, Montreal Neurological Institute 
Mixed Messages from Microdots

1st Place, Light Microscopy - Physical Sciences
Alexandru Moldovan, University of Leeds             
Crystal River

2nd Place, Light Microscopy - Physical Sciences
Nathan Renfro, Gemological Institute of America              
Rutile Star in Smoky Quartz

1st Place, Other
Gavin Taylor, Regular Discovery 
Outside and Inside a Compound Eye

1st Place, Scanning Probe Microscopy    
Pablo Ares, University of Manchester      
Graphene Connecting the World

2nd Place, Scanning Probe Microscopy   
Héctor Corte-León, National Physical Laboratory

1st Place, Short Video 
Rachel Sammons, University of Birmingham
Rotifer Vortices

2nd Place, Short Video  
Charlotte Pain, Oxford Brookes University
The Highways and Byways of the Plant Cell

People's Choice - voted through the congress app
Robin De Meyere, University of Oxford  
Fibre Pushouts on a SiC / SiC Composite

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