SPONSORED ARTICLE: Visualize Pathology with the Hyperion Imaging System

Improving care: It’s a mission that drives us all. Translating new discoveries into better clinical outcomes takes dedication and new approaches to asking the most difficult questions.

Changing the course of how disease is treated and ultimately cured requires a comprehensive understanding of complex cellular phenotypes and their interrelationships in the spatial context of the tissue microenvironment. To meet this great challenge, we developed the Hyperion™ Imaging System.

Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™) performed on the Hyperion Imaging System using Maxpar® metal-tagged antibodies empowers simultaneous imaging of up to 37 protein markers at a time. Bringing together high-parameter CyTOF® technology with imaging capability, the Hyperion Imaging System enables deep interrogation of tissues and tumors at subcellular resolution to uncover pathology insights, new biomarker correlations and cell interactions.

The Hyperion Imaging System focuses a laser beam at 1 micron to capture information at the pixel level from biological tissues and cellular smears. The platform then transfers this information for analysis with CyTOF, or mass cytometry, a technology that includes readout by time-of-flight mass spectrometry.

The four-step Imaging Mass Cytometry workflow enables deep profiling of standard formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) or frozen tissue sections and fixed cells. With steps familiar to researchers currently using IHC or other fluorescence imaging approaches, this simple workflow can run unattended to image tissue samples. With the ability to use up to 135 channels to detect additional parameters, the Hyperion Imaging System is ideal for meeting your imaging needs today and well into the future.

Data from the Hyperion Imaging System can be integrated with multiple digital pathology software providers.  You can use the HistoCAT™ software which is provided with the system or opt for ready-to-go integration with HALO® software from Indica Labs or Phenomap™ software from Visiopharm®.

Whether your goal is to gain greater knowledge of disease progression, discover more predictive or prognostic biomarker signatures or simplify the path of therapeutic development from bench to bedside, Fluidigm is committed to enabling you to improve the human condition. Join the growing Imaging Mass Cytometry scientific community, which is using the Hyperion Imaging System to advance our understanding of human health and disease by asking the most challenging questions.


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