Sponsored Article: JEM-F200 Dynamic Multipurpose Analytical S/TEM

The F200 is a new concept 20-200kV TEM equipped with a Cold FEG. This new generation of multipurpose TEM is designed to meet today’s diversified needs

Thanks to the high brightness and small probe size of the Cold FEG, the F200 is able to reach an unprecedented guaranteed resolution for STEM (0.14nm), Dual EDS (1.7sr) and EELS (0.3eV) at the same time; creating a new class of high-end non-corrected TEM. More than 100 beam conditions can be selected at a single button push, and prior settings can be easily recalled.

The F200 with Cold FEG dramatically improves the EELS energy resolution. In particular, ELNES (Energy-Loss Near-Edge Structure) exhibits a characteristic shape depending on the chemical bonding states in a substance. The small probe size obtainable with Cold FEG improves the F200 resolution, allowing the acquisition of atomic EDS and EELS maps.

Available Exclusively on JEOL TEM, Including The F200:

Incredible Frame Rates with Exceptional Time Resolution: Relativity Electrostatic Subframing System

Integrate the JEOL IDES Relativity Electrostatic Subframing System with an in situ holder, laser, IDES Electrostatic Dose Modulator, or other accessories to achieve subframe rates up to 100 kHz and transitions of less than 100 ns.

The optics rapidly deflect the image data to different areas of the camera, automatically creating an image stack of crisp blur-free subframes. No need for a special camera.

The Ultimate and Easiest Low Dose System: Electrostatic Dose Modulator (EDM)

The Electrostatic Dose Modulator (EDM) is a fast beam blanking system with a pre-sample electrostatic deflector. With EDM, the beam can switch on or off in less than 50 ns without affecting imaging conditions giving TEM and STEM users exceptional control over the dose on their samples with pulses in variable durations as short as 100 ns and frequencies up to 500 kHz. Cutting-edge electronics and software add-ons unlock advanced applications such as temporal dose structuring and STEM synchronization with fly back cut function in STEM/ EDS.

Inspirational Laser-Induced Phenomena: Luminary Ultrafast TEM / Dynamic TEM

The Luminary time-resolved transmission electron microscope is designed for pump-probe experiments using one or more lasers to study transient phenomena in specimens. Based on a 200kV TEM, it is modified to introduce laser beams directed toward the cathode (electron source) and the sample.

Users can directly excite the sample with a laser and generate photoelectron probe pulses with a UV laser to probe the sample in imaging, diffraction, spectroscopy, or spectral imaging modes. The Luminary time-resolved TEM is an extremely versatile platform that allows users to choose their optical configurations with a multitude of laser types to conduct ps stroboscopy, ns stroboscopy, ns single shot (SS), and/or ns movie mode (MM) measurements, as well as conventional emission mode, in a single instrument.

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