Plenary Speakers and their talk titles confirmed

The following high-profile Plenary Speakers have been confirmed for mmc2019.

Their talks are spread out throughout the conference programme and subject to change, but the current timings are included below. More information about each person can be found on our Plenary Speaker page.

Professor Dr Wolfgang Baumeister, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Germany

Talk Title: Cryo-Electron Tomography: The Promise and the Challenges of Doing Structural Biology in situ (Monday 1 July, 1700)

Professor Jody Rosenblatt, University of Utah, USA                                                           

Talk Title: Epithelial cell extrusion and its misregulation in disease (Monday 1 July, 1745)

Professor Helen Saibil, Birkbeck, University of London, UK

Talk Title: Malaria parasites breaking out of red blood cells (Tuesday 2 July, 0845)

Dr Sergei Kalinin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA                

Talk Title: Assembling matter atom by atom: applications of machine learning to scanning transmission electron microscopy (Wednesday 3 July, 0845)

Professor Keith Riles (EMAG Plenary Speaker), University of Michigan, USA

Talk Title: From Attometers to Gigaparsecs - Gravitational Waves Define a New Astronomy (Thursday 4 July, 1545)

Professor Klaus Hahn, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, USA

Talk Title: Watching and walking your cells – biosensors and optogenetics to trace live cell motility circuitry (Thursday 4 July, 1620)

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