Join Debate on Quality Control at Inaugural Workshop

Help kick-start discussions within the UK light microscopy community on QC standards

An inaugural Quality Control FIG Meeting is set to take place on Tuesday, 2 July at mmc2019.

The aim is to instigate discussions within the UK light microscopy community to address the issue of microscope QC initially focusing on widefield and confocal platforms, but later expanding to super-res.

Organisers hope to reach agreement on what QC measurements to make, with what standard samples at what frequency to make them.  They aim to incorporate standard QC sample manufacturers (Argolight, GATTAquant & Alex Corbett (Uni of Exeter)) as well as microscope manufacturers and image analysists.

The goal is firstly to agree on QC practices but also automate the process of image capture, analysis and archive. To succeed will require a community effort and buy-in from all microscope manufacturers.

There is no need to book in advance to attend this meeting, it will be taking place from 4pm to 6pm in Workshop 3.


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