Whats included in your Stand?

All stands, unless otherwise requested, will have a basic shell scheme, carpet (colour to be confirmed), power (1 x 500w socket for every 9 sqm booked) and 1 x 5ft fluorescent tube (1 x 500w socket for every 9 sqm booked).

Extra stand items, such as additional power and lighting, order forms will be available from the exhibitor manual in the coming months.

Space Only Stands

In advance of the event all contractors and exhibitors are required to provide the following information.

The Space Only Stand Check Sheet.

CDM Project Safety File, which must contain, but is not limited to:-

Full technical stand plans, incorporating all dimensions, elevations and weight loadings. Please note that all height dimensions MUST include the floor platform.

Stand visuals where possible.

Non generic risk assessment.

Non generic method statement.

Copy of your Public Liability Insurance, in date at the time of the event.

Your Companies’ Health & Safety Policy Document and Statement.

Any other relevant information regarding any aspect of the design/construction phases.

Setting up - Space only

Saturday 29 June – Space only 1300-2000

Sunday 30 June – Full Build 0800-2000

Monday 1 July – Full Build 0800-2200

For those space only stand that require access before 1300 on Saturday please contact Dawn Hopkins.

Setting up - Shell scheme

Sunday 30 June - Full Build 0800-2000

Monday 1 July – Full Build 0800-2200

If you have not requested a space only stand then you will be provided with a basic shell scheme. If you plan to set your stand up between 0800 and 1300 on Sunday 30 June, please can you let Dawn Hopkins know so we can ensure your shell scheme, with electrical supplies, is ready.

During the Build

It is a venue rule that all exhibitors and contractors setting up while major construction is taking place in the Exhibition Hall are required to wear high visibility jackets.

Complimentary tea and coffee will be available to stand contractors and exhibitors during the Exhibition set up at the front of the hall.

Breaking Down

Thursday 4 July break down between 1500-2359

You may begin taking your stand down on Thursday 4 July from 1500, and not before. The venue must be clear of all stand materials and stands by 2359 on Thursday 04 July. Please note that all electricity to all stands will be switched off 30 minutes after the exhibition closes. If you need access to electricity for longer than this, and you haven’t already let us know, please email Dawn Hopkins as soon as possible.

Full instructions for the breakdown on Thursday 4 July will be distributed by the venue during mmc2019.

Complimentary tea, coffee and water will be available to stand contractors and exhibitors during break down on Thursday 4 July at the front of the hall.


All collections of parcels can be made from 1500 on Thursday 4 July.

Organisers will take no responsibility in signing off parcels, so please ensure someone from your company is there to meet your courier.

Alternatively please organise collections through GES Logistics.

Exhibitor Manual

The mmc2019 Exhibitor Manual will become available in due course. In this you will find useful booking forms for stand extras, electrics, AV, accommodation, parking and much more.


There have been reports of bogus websites mimicking event websites, with all of the same information except for event logo. Please ensure when booking accommodation that you use a provider that you know and trust. Our approved contractor for accommodation is Reservation Highway. You can view their rates and book via their website nearer the event.

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