Virtual Stand Resources and Product Directory (Platinum Sponsor)

Please look through the visual guide before completing the virtual stand resources and product directory submission form.

mmc2021 Virtual Stand Visual Guide - Platinum

(Please note: your finished virtual stand may not look exactly like the image in the guide).

The deadline date for your material to be submitted is Friday 4 June 2021.  This is an important deadline to allow time for your content to be uploaded to your virtual stand and for us to provide a link for you to approve it before it goes live.  Virtual stands will be live on the morning of Tuesday 6 July 2021.


Virtual Stand Resource Submission Form (Platinum Sponsors)

Banner graphic 

The banner graphic is the image shown behind the stand. Shown below is the default banner graphic. If you would like to submit an alternative graphic the image size should be 1600px x 600px.  We suggest that you select an image without text.

Stand graphic 

The stand graphic is the image shown on the 'stand' underneath your logo, the image size should be 1000x750px (SVG/EPS)

If you do not wish to add a stand graphic your Virtual Stand it will look like this

Contact information


In addition to a link to your company website you can offer up to a maximum of 4 other url links to delegates. Please add titles and urls below.


Event Contacts

Please add details of your event contacts below. A maximum of 4 contacts are available. Please include name and job title as well as a headshot image.


Live hangout/zoom link

If you would like to offer a teams, zoom or hangout with users add the link here.


Virtual appointment booking

To have the option of allowing visitors to book 1:1 meeting appointments, you will need to supply your personal Calendly link. This can be created on

How to set up a Calendly account


Corporate videos

Please add details of your corporate videos below. A maximum of 4 videos are available, they should be supplied as Youtube or Vimeo urls. Please also include a title and description.

Corporate Video 2


Corporate Video 3


Corporate Video 4



If you would like to offer any downloads to delegates please add them below. A maximum of 5 resources are available. Please supply PDFs where possible.


Product directory

Please select the words from the list below which best describe your company. We will use your selections to provide a product directory for mmc2021 attendees. Please select a maximum of 5 entries from the first list and 10 from the second.


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