LaVision BioTec GmbH

Astastrasse 14
33617 Bielefeld

Stand : 317
Primary Contact : Stephan Werk

LaVision BioTec was founded in 2000 to develop and manufacture advanced microscopy systems for biomedical research and life sciences. The modular TriM Scope II multi-photon microscopy platform combines single- and multi-beam operation of Ti:Sapphire, OPO and visible lasers in one microscope. The TriM Scope II allows deep intravital imaging with cellular and subcellular resolution. PMTs, TCSPC and CCD detectors, multicolour imaging, spectral discrimination, FLIM/FRET capabilities and adaptive optics provide customization of the TriM Scope II.

The UltraMicroscope II is a mesoscopic light-sheet imaging system for large volume biological samples to be rendered for high resolution 3D reconstruction. It utilizes up to six thin light-sheets to excite large samples with fluorescence light which is detected with a sCMOS-equipped microscope mounted perpendicular to the plane of illumination. Moving the sample through the light-sheets generates 3D image stacks at cellular resolution.

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