Gydevang 43
DK-3450 Allerod

Stand : 812
Primary Contact : Ben Mantle

ChemoMetec develops and manufactures high quality automated Cell Counters, Cell Analyzers and High end image-based Analyzers. Specialised features include analysis of adherent cells, aggregated cells, cells growing on micro-carriers, counting of Adipose Derived Stem Cells. Advanced cell analysis functions include plug-and-play assays for Cell Cycle, FISH, Apoptosis, GFP and more. Helping to streamline R&D and production processes for maximum efficiency - Our technology is widely deployed in fields such as cancer and stem cell research. Plus, the production and quality control of a number of diverse products such as biopharmaceuticals, beer production, animal semen and milk QC. The instruments are known for their high quality, precision, and sample repeatability plus the “easy to use” advanced cell analysis functions. We strongly value our customers. Our policy is “no hidden costs” – Therefore we have no extra service agreements, high levels of support and always free software updates